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What is Matterport Virtual Tour | Overview and Benefits?

Matterport technologies go far beyond the regular 360 virtual tours. It's the most authentic, interactive way to online experience a property and helps the audience to feel like they are somehow connected to the spaces they are being shown around.

Matterport tours have steadily grown as one of the top favorite options for identifying companies when it comes to displaying a location digitally. The Matterport camera system enables any project to be made in 3 dimensions so that it can be viewed online in a unique, authentic, and immersive way. Matterport tours are the new benchmark for online virtual tours created for the real estate, engineering, and construction sectors have rapidly become 3D Matterport Scanning.

What is Matterport?

Matterport is a three-dimensional camera device that you will be able to access and develop practical and completely interactive elements. The platform is used by the designers to capture images, gather measurements, and analyze details to create, edit and share a 3D manifest of the venue.

Top Benefits of Matterport Virtual Tours

  • From the viewpoint of the buyer

More than half of property buyers begin their search for properties online. Many of these individuals are searching for a home in their local vicinity and these younger, digitally 'indigenous' new buyers increasingly want to get a better sense of how space looks and feels apart from the standard photography.

  • From the viewpoint of the real estate agents

Real estate agents and sellers can build an always-open home with Matterport, which is 100 percent of the time perfectly designed. This can contribute to driving greater interest in the property and better qualifying leads that come to open houses afterward. Roughly around 75 percent accepted the fact that they see a significant aspect of the houses they missed during the session after a stage and photography shoot has ended.

  • Helpful in Remote Inspections

Matter port virtual tours help with better construction circumstances for evaluation, which can be shared within just 24 hours of testing. Therefore, with the support of Matterport technology, you can easily inspect every stage of your design built remotely.

And since your 3D model can easily be accessed by your mobile or any other gadget, there is no need for frequent site visits.

Besides, integrating 3D Matterport Scanning within your business strategy will help you manage the virtual design and construction-related costs. This is the best time to implement this technology to make the process of building and construction much simpler and quicker.

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