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Tips on How Hotels Benefit From Hotel Virtual Tours

Travellers not only prefer a virtual tour, but they want one, and often tend to not book a room without having a tour virtually. Studies show that virtual tours reduce the amount of wasted viewings by 40%. Hotels with a virtual tour are clicked 10 times more than those without one. In addition to this, a confounding 92% of internet users say the ability to view a 360-degree panorama is vital when they are browsing online.

5 Reasons Your Hotel Should Have a Virtual Tour

Ensures superior transparency

3D virtual tours enable potential guests to check out every corner of the rooms and suites available. This adds a whole depiction and communication of the complete quality of service rendered by the hotel, and underlines the high level of transparency maintained by them.

Interactive Elements

One of the best things about virtual tours is the facility to add interactive elements. When a visitor virtually enters your hotel, you can ensure they are received professionally by a receptionist, who helps them navigate the property; this would showcase your customer service.

Increase Direct Bookings

A VR hotel tour can be an actual difference maker here, the immersive experience can help users to make up their minds up swiftly. Adding direct booking functionality to your virtual tour can capitalise on this, causing faster conversions. The increase in bookings will have revenue benefits too.

Value Creation

We all know that a picture is worth a thousand words, and a video is worth a thousand pictures. If this is true, virtual reality is priceless. As a result, potential clients will be able to see the exclusive qualities of your hotel first-hand, and gain a much clearer sense of why your rooms have a better price-to-quality ratio than rivals.

Including a 3D virtual tour in your hotel website would go a long way in enabling the target audience to become acquainted with what the brand has to offer, and increase their chances of making bookings at the facility.

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