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Make Booking Hotel Rooms Compelling and Interactive With 360 Virtual Tours

The hospitality and travel industry has recognized the potential of virtual reality to attract guests, increase online returns and create more bookings. Hotels are implementing this technology is with virtual tours. These interactive tours use virtual reality to give soon-to-be guests an immersive, 360-degree walkthrough that helps them explore the hotel before booking. Essentially, this allows the hotel industry to profit from the type of ‘try before you buy’ marketing that has been conventional within the industry for decades.

Interactive Experiences

Virtual tours give your guests control over their experience. Every visitor has exclusive needs, and can interact by zooming in or rotating the tour, down, left and right. Clienteles love having the freedom to choose what to view.

Builds clients’ trust

As the customers start to observe the transparency of a brand, they would also cultivate a trust for it. 3D virtual tour service surely helps boost the transparency of a hotel brand, and hence, enhance the trust level of the target audience on their offerings.

Increases web retention

Hotel virtual tours can get you an admirable level of curiosity and enjoyment on the part of the clienteles. Having such tech services would encourage the target audience to visit and re-visit the website daily, while also checking new updates and offers.

Engage your potential customers

The use of virtual tours facilitates full engagement of potential guests and provides them with the liberty to choose what they want to see. Showcasing your top suites can be such an upsell exclusively when guests can compare them with standard rooms. This can give them the assurance to book the best room as they can experience the room remotely.

Increase your social traffic

If you have virtual tours on your website, you will likely be shared a lot more than sites that don’t possess virtual tours. Apart from you sharing your own page, other people visiting your website will also be 50% more likely to share your content than if your site didn’t have a virtual tour.

Let your guests know what it’s like to be inside your hotel before they arrive. Show them why they should book a room directly from your hotel’s site without even being there.

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