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Google Street View: An Innovative Approach towards Marketing

In recent times, Google has emerged as a tool that can help your business grow immensely if it is utilized correctly. Elements of Google like Google street view, Google my business page, and many more can be used by your company to come into the eye of the consumer.

One of the most magnificent tools provided by Google is Google Business View. With the help of this product, you can garner a higher rate of reaching the target audience and that also in no time, without spending much money. Especially, when it comes to services like hotels, real estate dealing, property auction, all these types of services can benefit a lot from this innovative approach towards marketing.

What exactly is Google Street View?

This is a service started by Google, in which virtual tours can be uploaded on Google to feature your business on Google Maps. For the streets, these virtual tours are done by Google itself, but when it comes to your business you can also upload a comprehensive inside tour of your hotel, restaurant, property, etc.

From the statistics presented by Google, it is said that around 60% of visitors prefer listings that have images. But with virtual tours, these chances become almost double.

How can Google Street View help your Business?

  • Increases Visibility

With your Google Business page up-to-date, it will automatically get pushed towards higher rankings by the algorithm and hence, will become visible to more audiences. Just with the help of a simple virtual tour, you can increase your out-reach and connect to more people.

  • Increases Reliability

360 virtual tours provide you with the opportunity of showing off your business in a very detailed manner. This increases customer trust and transparency in every transaction with them.

  • Higher Conversion Rates

As your visibility increases, your conversion rates will also go up as your virtual tour will present the consumer with an open invitation to come to your space. With the help of a professional 360 virtual tours making company, you can easily capture your space and showcase it to the world.

Many virtual tour making companies have now also started giving special services for creating Google street view. If you want a cost-effective way of showcasing your business to the consumers-side, then this is your best bet.

Virtual tour in itself comes with a lot of benefits and combining it with Google will give your business the boost it needs to stand out from the competition. Be your business small or large, get a virtual tour today, connect it with the Google services, and watch it grow at a higher pace.

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