• Vedant Tulsiyan

Here is all you Need to Know About 360’ VR Shoots

The world will evolve and so does working and business norms to serve the requirements of modern clients. Keeping this statement into consideration it won’t be wrong to say that a 360’ VR shoot can keep you an edge ahead if you are into the business of properties, hospitality or venue renting. A 360’ angle can literally make a simple still capture speak a thousand words. Interesting enough! Moreover, there are a variety of applications for VR shoots, and in this blog, we will discuss everything you need to know about VR in brief.

Who needs a VR shoot?

However, VR shoots are majorly used for B2C or B2B setups to attract potential customers or investors but you can get as creative as you want. For example, capturing that first kiss as a wife-husband in 360’ VR mode on your wedding day, or welcoming your newborn’s pic, or for that matter any special moment. Thus, if you are looking for attracting potential clients/customers or seizing the moments, VR shoots are for you.

  • How long does it take?

Can you guess how long this technology can bring thousands of potential clients takes to complete a shoot? Just two or three hours on average. However, it could take longer if you have specific requirements. But mostly it is a quick process and you can the end results in a very short time.

  • What preparations should be done before a VR shoot?

You must check that your real estate property or hotel room is decorated in a way that you want to claim. Also, a good weather condition would be best for the good pictures, hence if the weather is too gloomy or too humid consider selecting a bright day after checking the weather reports and discussing the same with the photographer. However, if the shoot is for rainy or winter day then it is suggested to decorate the room with bright lights or colours, or simply take help from the photographer.

  • Where you can use the end product?

The end product that is a photoshoot can be used on various platform to present and market yourself; your personal blog, official meetings, websites, third-party websites, YouTube channels, and anywhere you can represent them digitally.

  • How a VR shoot with 2GoVR works typically?

You simply have to contact us either through phone or email and tell us your requirements that will be followed by our suggestions and quote as per the tailored services for you. We keep the communication open from both the end from the shoot suggestions to selecting the pics. In the end, after all the aforementioned are conducted, we hand over VR photos including the invoice.

  • The average cost of a shoot?

This totally depends on your requirements and the kind of equipment you will be needing for the VR shoot. However, if you chose 2VrGo we can assure you that our charges will be very reasonable and tailored as per your needs.

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