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360 Photography Is an Incredible Sales Tool for Event Venues

A technology that sales your services while you are sleeping.

The #1 objective of any business is increasing revenue. This goal can be achieved with great customer service and upright marketing. This one technology will help you attain both at a realistic cost.

Different from traditional photography, 360 photography requires an exclusive skillset and experience to accurately depict a location’s unique features, and provide a clear view of sophisticated details.

Highlighting the acute areas of an event venue, including unique equipment, and design features, provides client a wholly immersive and engaging experience unlike any other.

Making a Virtual Impression

Thanks to virtual-reality technology and 360-degree photography, hotels, event venues and convention centres are finding new means to immerse event planners in a space—without them ever setting foot at the site.

Saving Planners Time

Apparently, for event planners located in another city, interactive virtual tours are exceedingly helpful. With the help of this immersive technology, you can invite your prospective clients from all over the world to hop on a virtual tour as soon as possible. Planners don’t even have to travel and this saves so much of their time.

Use maps to tell the story

Maps make it easy for you to display virtual tours of your venue as well as the hotels, shops, and attractions around you. Create customized area plotting for conference-goers, wedding guests, and meeting guests. Tours are also shareable so you can create an instantaneous differentiator for any event proposal.

VR is an amazing way to advertise on social media

The event planning company that takes full advantage of social media is one that does more than just posting pictures of popular locations. Virtual reality can give your businesses an edge over the competition by letting arrangers post 3D tours of venues so that clients are more captivated to contact the company.

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